Safety first and foremost

Nidus is a forward looking brand in a notoriously conservative field. Businesses that, for most of us, live below the radar but have a critical impact on our daily lives, especially at work.

We helped them re-name in order to stand out better, created a contemporarily classic identity and a flexible tone of voice with a lightness of touch and a personality that immediately identifies them.

We moved them away from the prevalent blue palette of the sector to a vibrant orange red and a rich palette of contemporary colours.

We helped them express their mission and purpose and distilled that into a slogan that both describes what they do and sets out their mission succinctly.

Illustrating best practices

We used two illustration styles to bring a touch of humanity and personality and to demonstrate simply, the processes and procedures that Nidus use daily to help keep their clients safe.

Every picture tells a story and a simple diagram carefully executed can clarify and reinforce important messages quickly.