La casa de tu casa

We helped Ferrokey rationalise the work they had undertaken over the past few years and identified the elements that were working for them, those that weren't and those that could be effectively developed and improved.

We made some adjustments to the existing logo to improve ease of application and established basic usage guidelines including using it on the grey background wherever possible to make it stand out in the best way.

Key developments were the redesign of the fascias of their large network of shops, redesigning the interior signage system and the transformation of their existing ambient graphics into useful and striking visual devices to help navigation around the shops.

The house of your house

The store fascias relied heavily on their distinctive green colour and the application of ambient graphic illustrations which led, over time, to a confused and cluttered appearance. We reduced the amount of green to just highlights and used a richer deeper grey to give them their own space and help them stand out in the clamour of the high street.

We also worked closely with Ferrokey to develop their e-commerce and website in line with the physical shops to reinforce the overall brand design and promote consistency across all platforms.

All graphic touchpoints and in-store communications have been redesigned to reflect the identity and better communicate with Ferrokey's customers old and new.

All wrapped up and packaged and carried away

We established a graphic style for the brand and designed a wide range of applications that reinforced the look and feel, maintained visual consistency and enabled Ferrokey to stand out in a fun, intelligent and optimistic manner.

As well as everyday stationery and semi-formal uniforms, we designed packaging and boxes using the library of illustrations and a fun, casual, tone of voice, that extended to reusable bags and totes and rounded off the year with colourful, graphic calendars, agendas and notebooks.