It's not the destination;

it's the journey.

Autopistas has a great story to tell but in the past they've kept their eyes focussed firmly on the road. Great advice when you're driving but it means that a lot of what was happening daily behind the scenes was going untold and under-appreciated. Simply put, their customers didn't really appreciate how much was entailed in keeping the traffic flowing and how greatly they had improved road safety. 

Working closely with the client team, we demonstrated how Autopistas should present themselves as a true retail brand with regular, loyal, paying customers. More than just a service.

Starting from a repositioning and redefinition of their brand, we created an identity with its own personality but a clearly linked to their parent company, Abertis. This subsequently led to the development of a brand hierarchy for all Abertis' sub brands.

The simple, consistent application of orange and white stripes in various formats creates a highly visible graphic device raising the profile on the road and in people's minds.

The logo was born from a pebble picked up from the side of the road combined with the historical structure of roads of the great Roman engineers. The lines that run through it coincide with the idea of the network of roads that cross the country to form a smooth and precise symbol.